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Check out a working example [http://dan.chokola.com/wit/ here].
Check out a working example [http://dan.chokola.com/wit/ here].
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Wit is a Ruby/eRuby web interface to git.

Wit provides:

  • more powerful configuration; see the easy-to-use YAML configuration
  • easy YAML configuration (no mucking around in Perl!)
  • highly customizable; CSS styles are configurable and very elegant eRuby templates make creating completely custom pages easy.
  • clean code
    • no more running through 4000+ lines of obfuscated Perl, there's only a few hundred lines of Wit code anyway
    • elegantly object-oriented with Ruby and split into multiple files so your eyes won't bleed and your webserver will love you
  • focus on getting information to you quicker without redundancy
    • last commit is linked right on the index page
    • redundant summary and shortlog views are combined
    • commit and diff views are combined

Check out a working example here.

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