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Currently GIT is only supported on Windows within a Cygwin environment. While this works well, there are several efforts that aim to provide a more native GIT on Windows.

These efforts are

  • EclipseIDE-based GIT client, based on a pure Java implmentation of GIT's internals.
  • A libgit + cygwin.dll Windows Explorer extension (perhaps based on TortoiseSVN)

Ask on the MailingLists for the latest news on this ;-)


You will need to install cygwin and the following packages to be able to build git:

  • rcs (for merge)
  • python (for merge-recursive, though merge-recur is a *huge* win)
  • wish (for gitk)
  • perl
  • ssh
  • openssl (and -dev)
  • zip (and -dev)
  • curl (and -dev)
  • expat (and -dev)
  • make
  • gcc
  • binutils (sorta necessary to compile!)

With these packages installed you build git and it in your ~/bin directory by doing:

make install

Check that your path includes ~/bin !

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