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More admins

Currently there's only one admin (Johannes Schindelin), it would be healthy to have more than one.

Use user talk pages

For example this one. This way wiki-specific issues can be discussed.

For more information see mediawiki's help.

Stop immediate blocking

Up to now, good faithed users have been blocked immediately, and permanently, without a warning. Instead of doing that, a policy like wikipedia's one should be followed:

  1. Revert the change
  2. Notify the user (through user talk pages)
  3. If the bad behavior continues, continue with the blocking

Alternatively temporary blocks can be issued.

Revisit old blocks

Some people might have been wrongly blocked. By changing the blocking policy the old blocks might not apply and warnings should be issued instead.

Allow users to see deleted pages

This would allow transparency into the action of the admins.

Create a patrol group

Users, can help to patrol for page vandalism, all that is needed is the creation of a patrol group.

This way the burden of admins is decreased.

Disallow user pages

The community has expressed certain discomfort on letting people have user pages. It might make sense to disallow, or even disable them to avoid future issues.

I disagree with this one. They can contain useful information, and unwanted information can be edited out by policy, just like everywhere else. At the very least it should be discussed further. -- Felipec 17:46, 10 August 2010 (UTC)

Create a page for communicating with admins

Wiki pages need to be completely deleted every now and then. It can only be done by an admin. There must be a way for a non-admin user to notify an admin about a page that should be deleted.

In Wikipedia this is usually done using a template that is put on the top of the page and says something like "This template may meet Wikipedia’s criteria for speedy deletion" and puts the page in the "Candidates for speedy deletion" category. (see ). This is useful for Wikipedia, but is a little too much for a small wiki like this one is (at least for now).

A simpler way to do that is to create a page that should be watched by all admins and on which requests to delete pages should be written.

Until such a page is created, i'll report here that the page Quick Runescape Experience should be deleted. --Amir E. Aharoni 20:45, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

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