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Experienced systems programmer, open source developer, network architect, software engineer, computer and network security analyst.

You can easily find me on GitHub, StackOverflow (and etc. related stackexchange sites), LinkedIn, and of course my own website.

Some of the things that interest me:

programming languages, data structures, algorithms, operating systems, filesystems, embedded systems, kernels, device drivers, NetBSD, unix, BSD, Minix, plan 9, Multics, OS X, typesetting, troff, lout, postscript, PDF, computer architecture, smalltalk, squeak, Pharo, C, AWK, lisp, Python, open source, network protocols, TCP/IP, SMTP, e-mail, systems security, network security, computer science, computer history, motorcycles, bicycling, hiking, science, architecture, engineering, environment, geography, geology, minerals, mining, caves, consciousness, intelligence, gardening, driving, travel, ancient civilizations, photography, metalwork, woodwork, electronics, telephony, machines, antique farm equipment, steam engines, trains, civil engineering, construction equipment, space travel, astronomy, videography, reading, science fiction, movies, food, music, television

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