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Git is a powerful Source Code Management tool, which was created out of the need to replace BitKeeper -- quickly! -- with something else for the Linux kernel development.

In the meantime it has evolved to be one of the best SCMs around.

Historically, Git on Windows was only officially supported using Cygwin. To help make a native Windows version, this project was started, based on the fork.

This project is now mostly dead, as the Git for Windows project has taken over as the leading official Git client on Windows.

More information:

How to get help

Please note that there are not enough contributors to the msysGit project to offer commercial-grade support; if you do not have the means to fix your problems (possibly with valuable advice from the msysGit mailing list), or to entice people who can fix them, it is unlikely that your problem will be solved.

See also the GetHelp page on our Wiki.

How to participate

Testing and reporting bugs is already a really big help, especially when you are ready to help resolve the bugs. Of course, it is even better if you get involved, for example by hacking on mingw.git.

Once you installed msysGit, git will be compiled and the repository will be fetched, so you are good to go. Play with git a little, and you will find plenty of stuff that is not quite optimal.

For example, WhyIsRxvtNotTheDefault.

In most cases, you can work around bugs in msysGit by using cygwin on the same repository. Yes, that works, except that the index will be dirty all the time, since Cygwin and MinGW have different ideas about the stat data.

If you made some changes to msysGit, you can contribute them back by pushing into the 'mob' branch on

  • git push ssh:// master:mob

Where to discuss issues

If you want to report a bug in Git itself, git-svn or git-gui (non-Windows-specific), please send a mail to

If you want to report a bug in Git for Windows (Windows-specific), or in msysGit (also Windows-specific), you can add an issue in our issue tracker.

If you are not reporting a bug, but want to enhance Git, or have some usability question, please send a message to our mailing list, but be aware that posts by non-members, as well as the first post of new members, are moderated. If your question is not Windows-specific, you might want to send it to the Git mailing list instead (or at least in addition to the msysGit mailing list).

How not to participate

So you do not want to help? Then there is nothing to see here, please move along.

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