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TortoiseCVS (and later TortoiseSVN) set the scene for convenient source code management on Windows. Not to be left behind, git has the beginnings of a clone, called git-cheetah.

(Note: in the meantime, people have started their own extensions, since duplicating efforts is so much fun.)

This page is about setting up git-cheetah as a submodule of msysGit and working with it on other platforms such as Linux (Gnome) and Mac OS X see the section Git-Cheetah on other Platforms.

How to compile/install it in msysGit

The easiest way is to install msysGit-netinstall, then

  • fetch all branches: cd / && git fetch
  • then check out the devel branch: git checkout -t origin/devel
  • and then update the git-cheetah submodule: git submodule update --init src/git-cheetah

Then you should "make install-user" in /src/git-cheetah/<your_platform> to build and register git-cheetah.

If you want to get the bleeding edge of development (which picked up some speed again thanks to Kirill & Christian), do this:

      $ cd /src/git-cheetah
      $ git checkout -t origin/master

and to keep up-to-date, just git pull in that directory.

Cherry Picking

By default, your local git-cheetah repo is (and should) be tracking However, it may also be helpful to cherry-pick from Kirill's work. Here's a recipe to grab "foo" from his fork:

Add the fork as a remote, fetch from there and voila, you have all the commits.

      $ git remote add kirill git://
      $ git fetch kirill

Now you can choose to cherry-pick it:

      $ git cherry-pick foo

Of course, this recipe works for any remote repo, not just Kirill's fork on

Git-Cheetah on other Platforms (Nautilus, Finder)

We are currently working on support for Nautilus and Mac OS X.

On you can find a short tutorial and some resources about developing Nautilus (The Gnome Filemanager) Extensions in C.

In Summary

It would be really awesome if you just scratched your itches, and submit patches back to git-cheetah!

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