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See Gitweb page

Gitweb wishlist and TODO list

  • show last modified column in tree view.
  • in tree view sort by last modified, name, size
  • being able to clone a git repo via "git clone http://gitwebserver/repo.git"
  • diffstat in 'commit' and 'commitdiff_plain' views
  • summary of number of lines changed in difftree (not for merges)
  • configurable committags support (e.g. BUG(n))
  • syntax highlighting ('blob' view filter)
  • sources indexing/crossreferencing
  • graphical history view
  • diffs between arbitrary commits, trees, blobs
  • 'tree_blame' VievVC-like view (needs core support for performance)
  • support for caching engines (Etag/If-None-Match etc.)
  • (optional) caching in gitweb
  • repository administration (moving branches, signing commits etc.)
  • mod_perl specific support
  • FastCGI specific support
  • native config reading (in Perl) or "git config --dump" (needs core support)
  • project categories
  • stat plots (like in StatCVS or FishEye)
  • (optional) use
  • incremental blame (AJAX)
  • following renames in 'history' view (needs core support)
  • sorting 'tags'/'heads' view
  • log (full) and shortlog (short) made into formats, to be used e.g. in 'history' view.
  • side by side (graphical) diff
  • search checkboxes: ignore case, regexp search
  • context specific search (grep in a tree/blob, search starting from commit)

Granted wishes

  • show symlinks targets in 'tree' view
  • combined diff for merges

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