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This page is for recording (or discussion) of Suggestions about the the GitWiki Web site.

Make sure your suggestion doesn’t exist already or that your question has already been answered by checking HelpContents.

Table of contents



SVN comparison page name needs typo fix

The GitSvnComparsion page has very good content, but should really be named GitSvnComparison; I already fixed the spelling ("comparsion" -> "comparison") in the page itself. It will also be easier to find via search engines ...

I thought it safer and more polite to leave the page rename fix to someone other than a first-time visitor. Thanks.

SVN comparison page might want to compare the storing of binary files in each system

The GitSvnComparsion page has very good content, but it would be nice to know the differences between the two in how binary files are stored and whether either uses a differential backup vs a file level backup.


Note: these suggestions were moved from a MoinMoin Wiki, so they do not apply in that form anymore.

It would be nice to have installed parsers from ParserMarket (see Installation Instructions there) for languages used in Git, Cogito and examples, i.e for Perl, shell and e.g. diff.

InterWiki Links

Note: these suggestions were moved from a MoinMoin Wiki, so they do not apply in that form anymore.

It would be nice if there were shorter <<InterWiki>> links for linking to the Git and Cogito documentation, both HTML version and gitweb sources. One of the way of adding InterWiki link is to modify site's `data/intermap.txt` file.

For git and cogito manpages online it would mean that instead of writing for example

[ git-apply(1)]

(git-apply(1)) use (proposal) GitDoc InterWiki link, i.e. use one of the following (ones that are possible to create)

[wiki:GitDoc:git-apply git-apply(1)]

if it is not possible). Analogous for Cogito docs.

For links to file in the git.git source via gitweb, instead of using for example

[;a=blob;hb=HEAD;f=Documentation/git-apply.txt git-apply.txt]

(git-apply.txt) use GitSource InterWiki link

[wiki:GitSource:Documentation/git-apply.txt git-apply.txt]

Would be also of use to have InterWiki links for common GitMailingList archives, i.e. MARC and GMane, similarly like there is now MsgID InterWiki link?

New Pages

Here a few suggestions for new pages.

Best Practice Page

  • commit message: short summary (<80 characters and not the beginning sentence continuing in second line) \n\n long description
  Reason: emailed patches, oneline log, gitweb overview.
  Some tools currently insert new lines after the first line if there is none. This may be considered as a bug and should be fixed.
  • branching is easy and fast, use it (encourage topic branches)
  • rebase if you've been the only person working on the branch to prevent unnecessary merges (making the history complicated)
  • do not rewind history on public repositories or repositories used by someone else than you, it will cause confusion

Development Page

  • common pitfalls
    • run make test after patching
    • check for correct whitespaces (tabs, no spaces for indentation, no space at eol)
  • editor settings
  vim:tabstop=8:softtabstop=8:shiftwidth=8:noexpandtab:textwidth=80 for C files
  documentation seems to use a bit less than 80 for the textwidth most of the time, is there any recommendation for that?
  • mua settings
  Is it possible in some user agents to reply automatically to all people in a thread and the mailing list? If so please post configuration options :)
  • mutt: press g (group-reply) but this may set the wrong followup-to header

Merging pages

IndexFile and WhatIsTheIndex

Random stuff

  • Why is there always a Git-prefix to the wiki pages?

Add web option

  • Add KForge as a web interface in the comparisons/category, it seems promising.

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