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This page is for recording (or discussion) of Suggestions about the the [[FrontPage|GitWiki]] Web site.

Make sure your suggestion doesn’t exist already or that your question has already been answered by checking HelpContents.



It would be nice to have installed parsers from [[MoinMoin:ParserMarket|ParserMarket]] (see [[MoinMoin:ParserMarket#head-17c33967bbb4345a453627b944bad1f1bc4b2791|Installation Instructions]] there) for languages used in Git, Cogito and examples, i.e for Perl, shell and e.g. diff.

InterWiki Links

It would be nice if there were shorter InterWiki links for linking to the Git and Cogito documentation, both HTML version and gitweb sources. One of the way of adding InterWiki link is to modify site's `data/intermap.txt` file.

It means that instead of writing for example

[ git-apply(1)]

(git-apply(1)) use (proposal) GitDoc InterWiki link, i.e. use one of the following (ones that are possible to create)

[wiki:GitDoc:git-apply git-apply(1)]

if it is not possible). Analogous for Cogito docs. Instead of using e.g.

[;a=blob;hb=HEAD;f=Documentation/git-apply.txt git-apply.txt]

(git-apply.txt) use GitSource InterWiki link

[wiki:GitSource:Documentation/git-apply.txt git-apply.txt]

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