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These are events when git developers and users physically meet in the same place.

GitTogether '09

It's not yet decided yet if there will be a GitTogether in 2009 and when and where it would happen. Please list bellow the location and date ideas you have. And why they might be good.

GitTogether '09 Location and date ideas

The LinuxCon is scheduled for September 21 - 23 and the Linux Plumbers Conference is scheduled for September 23 - 25.

This would hopefully make it easy for many Git users going to the above conferences to come.

"Alles Wird Git" Berlin GitTogether '09

  • What: An informal gathering of Gits.
  • Date: Saturday, October 3, 2009.
  • Time: To be determined.
  • Where: To be determined but somewhere in Berlin, DE. Local help is needed to find a venue.
  • Why: Gitzilla will be visiting and volunteered a $100 subsidy.
  • Who: Any Gits that can attend. IRC handle starting with "git" not required.

Verified attendees:

  • Gitzilla
  • Steffen Prohaska
  • Johannes Schindelin
  • Tuncer Ayaz

GitTogether '08

GitTogether08 took place October 27-29 2008 in Mountain View, California, with around 25 developers and users.

Previous GitTogether

One such event happened in 2007 with a few developers. It was an informal, fun time, but not technical.

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