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These are events when git developers (and in one case, one user) physically meet in the same place.

GitTogether '11

'October 24(Mon)-25(Tue)' in Mountain View, California. See GitTogether11.

GitTogether '10

'October 25(Mon)-27(Wed)' in Mountain View, California. See GitTogether10.

GitTogether '09

2 GitTogether took place in 2009:

GitTogether '09

October 26(Mon)-28(Wed) in Mountain View, California

For further details, see the GitTogether09 planning page.

"Alles Wird Git" Berlin GitTogether '09

See AllesWirdGit_'09.

GitTogether '08

GitTogether08 took place October 27-29 2008 in Mountain View, California, with around 25 developers and users.

Previous GitTogether

One such event happened in 2007 with a few developers. It was an informal, fun time, but not technical. Dscho was there. Gitney was there. And Steven Grimm was there.

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