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* David Reiss
* David Reiss
* Adam Mosseri
* Adam Mosseri
* Eugene Letuchy
<i>Nearby Activities</i>
<i>Nearby Activities</i>

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These are events when git developers and users physically meet in the same place.

GitTogether '08

October 27(Mon)-29(Wed) in Mountain View, California (day after the Google SoC Mentor Summit).

People who said they are interested to attend so far:

  • Junio C. Hamano
  • Shawn O. Pearce
  • Petr Baudis
  • J.H.
  • Johannes Schindelin
  • Sam Vilain
  • David Symonds
  • Christian Couder
  • Scott Chacon
  • Steven Grimm
  • David Reiss
  • Adam Mosseri
  • Eugene Letuchy

Nearby Activities

If you are traveling far and wish to stay some extra time there are many activities in the bay area.

Previous GitTogether

One such event happened in 2007 with a few developers.

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