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|  Scott Chacon         
|  Scott Chacon         
|  Linkable library, Scriptability                               
|  Linkable library, Scriptability                               
|  1 hour           
|  Scott Chacon       
|  Hack Session         
|  Architecting / Building a usable linkable library           
|  ?                 
|  ?                 

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These are events when git developers and users physically meet in the same place.

GitTogether '08

October 27(Mon)-29(Wed) in Mountain View, California (day after the Google SoC Mentor Summit).

Signup deadline is Oct 14th. Google needs a final guest list by then to prepare badges, sign in lists for reception, and a final head-count to plan for food.

Any questions, please contact Shawn Pearce (


  1. Junio C. Hamano
  2. Shawn O. Pearce
  3. Petr Baudis
  4. J.H.
  5. Johannes Schindelin
  6. Sam Vilain
  7. David Symonds
  8. Christian Couder
  9. Scott Chacon
  10. Nick Hengeveld
  11. Steven Grimm
  12. David Reiss
  13. Adam Mosseri
  14. Eugene Letuchy
  15. Tim Ansell
  16. Sverre Rabbelier
  17. Jeff King
  18. Kai Blin
  19. Eric Wong
  20. David Bryson
  21. David Brown
  22. Pierre Habouzit (not on the Wednesday though).
  23. Tom Preston-Werner

Please join the GitTogether mailing list. We promise to keep the traffic low and to disband it after the event. Useful information for attendees will be sent to this list as we get closer to the GitTogether.


The agenda hasn't been fully scheduled yet, and probably won't be until we're half way through the GitTogether itself, as most of it will be based upon the attendee's interests. That said, there are some events we do know about:

  • Monday (27th)
    • 8:00-8:30 am: arrive, mingle, continental breakfast
    • 10:00-11:00 am: Johannes Schindelin's Google Tech Talk: Contributing with Git.
   This talk will be recorded and eventually posted on a Google video property (e.g. Google Video or YouTube) after the GitTogether.  It may take up to a month for the video to get uploaded, depending on the backlog of the tech talk staff.
  • 12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch at Charlie's
  • 6:00 pm: Dinner at Charlie's
  • Tuesday (28th)
  • 8:00-8:30 am: arrive, mingle, continental breakfast
  • 12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch at Charlie's
  • 6:00 pm: Dinner out (location TBD)
  • Wednesday (29th)
  • 8:00-8:30 am: arrive, mingle, continental breakfast
  • 12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch at Charlie's
  • 6:00 pm: Dinner out (location TBD)

Please try to time your arrival to the 8:00-8:30 am window each day. Googlers will be on hand to help you sign in and find the meeting room. After 8:30 singing in will get a little bit more interesting as you may need to work with main reception, wait for a Googler to be phoned, walk down to collect you, and escort you back to the meeting room.

All meals with the exception of Tuesday and Wednesday night are free. Tuesday and Wednesday dinner are at our own expense. We'll try to locate two establishments in the Mountain View area with a rough price of $15-$20 USD/person (beverage, entree). If anyone is a local and has suggestions,


Speaker Kind of session Title Talk Length
Johannes Schindelin Google Tech Talk Contributing with Git (or: all your rebase are belong to us) 1 hour
Shawn O. Pearce  ? secret project, JGit, PackV4  ?
Sam Vilain  ? GitTorrent, Git as a DB backend, perl.git conversion  ?
Junio C Hamano  ? Git Chronicle, Recent Additions to Git  ?
Scott Chacon Talk/Discussion Linkable library, Scriptability 1 hour
Scott Chacon Hack Session Architecting / Building a usable linkable library  ?
Tom Preston-Werner Talk/Discussion Git ideas from GitHub 1 hour

If anyone else wants to introduce or lead a section, please add your name above to volunteer.

Suggested Topics

The following topics have been proposed for talks/workshops/hack-sessions:

  • GitTorrent: current state, security considerations, future direction
  • Submodules: how to make a UI for this important feature that is intuitive and complete
  • PackV4
  • JGit, quo vadis<<FootNote(quo vadis == 'where are you going?')>>?
  • Using Git for everything but source (Git as a backup tool, how to handle large blobs, using as a DB back-end, etc)
  • How to make Git more attractive to the Google Code folks?
  • Success/War stories (big wanking session for Gits)
  • perl.git - the joy of grokking Perforce metadata using Postgres, and writing a transactional git-fastimport exporter SamV
  • Linkable library for basic object access (libification or new library)
  • Scriptability, using git in other languages (using interfaces vs calling plumbing vs reimplementting)
  • Git GUI that even a designer could use (GitCheetah, AKA TortoiseGit?) (UI session?)
  • Git integration with IDE, RAD, and editors (UI session?)
  • New Git Homepage hammering-out (UI session?)
  • Shawn's current bundle related secret project
  • TopGit introduction/design/integration(?)
  • Pasky's current pickaxe related "secret project" (if tangible by then)
  • Extending Git with volatile metadata database (see
  • Git improvement ideas gleaned from creating and running GitHub as a social layer on top of Git
  • Git Survey 2008 results and discussion
  • Free form "We tried to use git in our project this way, didn't work very well" session, where participants are not allowed to say "Your workflow is broken".


Google will be serving continental breakfast each day, in addition to endless coffee and beverages during the event. Lunch will be provided each day free of charge in the main cafeteria. Monday night we will also eat in the main cafeteria, free of charge. Tuesday and Wednesday we will arrange dinner off-campus.

Plenty of table space and power outlets will be available in the meeting room. Folks outside the US may need to bring an outlet adapter/voltage converter. Please make sure to bring your laptop power supply. Unlike most Google conference rooms our meeting space does not come with built-in laptop power connectors. Even Googlers need to bring their own power supply.

Google has free wireless Internet access available everywhere on the campus ("GoogleGuest"). 802.11 wireless support is required to connect to the Internet. Hardwired LAN connections are not available in our meeting space. If you think you'll want to get online during the sessions please test your wireless to make sure it is working before you travel.

Travel Details

Google provides information about discounted lodging, visiting and parking. Essentially, once you arrive, tell the attendant that you are there for an event in University Theater in Building 40, and they will direct you to the correct parking lot. The pin on the map is positioned approximately where University Theater is located within the building.

A cab ride from the airport to a nearby hotel will cost approximately, depending on traffic:

  • OAK - 120 USD
  • SFO - 80 USD
  • SJC - 35 USD

Public transit is available in the area, look at Google Transit to help you plan a route.

If you would prefer to spend less than you would on taxi service but would prefer to be picked up at the airport rather than navigate public transport, try Super Shuttle. Shared rides (with a van full of other travelers) start at about 35 USD from any of the area airports.

Nearby Activities

If you are traveling far and wish to stay some extra time there are many activities in the bay area.

Previous GitTogether

One such event happened in 2007 with a few developers. It was an informal, fun time, but not technical.

Footnotes: <<FootNote>>

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