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* Petr Baudis
* Petr Baudis
* J.H.
* J.H.
* Johannes Schindelin
* Christian Couder
* Christian Couder

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These are events when git developers and users physically meet in the same place.

Next GitTogether

We are currently discussing the possibility of a GitTogether in 2008.

Google offered to help us organize it. Thanks to them.

Some possible dates are:

  • October 27(Mon)-28(Tue) in Mountain View, California: that's just after the Google SoC Mentor Summit.
  • September 20(Sat)-21(Sun) in Portland, Oregon: that would be just after the Kernel Plumbers Conference, but it's perhaps too late now.

People who said they are interested to attend so far:

  • Junio C. Hamano
  • Shawn O. Pierce
  • Petr Baudis
  • J.H.
  • Johannes Schindelin
  • Christian Couder

Previous GitTogether

One such event happened in 2007 with a few developers.

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