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Git User's Survey 2016 summary

The Git User's Survey 2016 has been closed on October 21, 2016.

The survey was opened from 12 September to 21 October, 2012 (for 39 days).

The live results of the survey can be found at (note: this link might stop working):

There were 9418 individual responses in this survey, for 34158 views.
There were 6385 individual responses in GitSurvey2012, for 11765 views.
There were 11498 individual responses in GitSurvey2011, for 98604 views.
There were 8841 individual responses in GitSurvey2010 (the 5 responses in 'test' channel were removed), for 28001 views.
There were 3868 individual responses in GitSurvey2009 (the 30 responses in 'test' channel were removed), for 14106 views.
There were 3236 individual responses in GitSurvey2008 (including 21 responses in 'test' channel), for 12101 views.
There were 683 individual responses in GitSurvey2007.
There were around 117 responses in GitSurvey2006.

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