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|| git-logo.png       || Git homepage ||
|| git-logo.png  || gitweb at ||

Logo of Git distributed revision control system. Used by Gitweb installations to link to git(7), and by Git homepage to link to Home.

|| without background ||
||<#A0A0A0> on gray background ||
|| by gitarella||
||<#A0A0A0> above, gray background ||

Proposed favicons for Git-related web pages.<
> PNG, 16x16, 3 colors including white background.

This favicon is resized fragment of above Git logo.


`t/test4012.png` image, used in `` test

> Picons Search Results for Junio C Hamano picon.

In case people do not know, this is gitster's (Junio C Hamano) picon (personal icon: see Picons FAQ) and also appears on his "Git Maintainer" business card.

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