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(Pseudo-3d version of Git logo)
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A Git icon in plain SVG (636 bytes) by [ Jason Blevins].
A Git icon in plain SVG (636 bytes) by [ Jason Blevins].
Git logo and icon by [ Dylan Beattie]
{| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10"
| || Git Logo
[ Fullsize PNG]
[ Adobe Illustrator]
|| || Git Icon
[ Windows ICO Format]
[ MacOS .icsn Format]
[ PNG Format]
Git Logo and Icon by Dylan Beattie distributed under [ Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License].

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git-logo.png Git homepage
git-logo.png gitweb at

Logo of Git distributed revision control system. Used by Gitweb installations to link to git(7), and by Git homepage to link to Home.

Git-logo-jengelh.png gitweb at

The source for the last logo (by Jan Engelhardt) is git-logo-jengelh.svg

Jk gitlogo 70px.png Another remake of the above logo by Jan Krüger; available as SVG, too.

git-favicon.png without background
git-favicon.png on gray background
favicon.png proposed by Henrik Nyh
favicon.png as above, gray background

Proposed favicons for Git-related web pages.
PNG, 16x16, 3 colors including white background.

This favicon is resized fragment of above Git logo.

favicon.png GitHub favicon
favicon.png as above, gray background

Favicon of GitHub, one of GitHosting:git hosting sites.
PNG, 16x16, grayscale.

teamgit_icon.png teamGit icon
teamgit_icon.png as above, gray background

Icon (logo) of TeamGit, one of Git GUIs.
PNG, 32x32, color

git-logo.png Gitlogo.svg from msysGit.png
by Henrik Nyh from gitlogo.svg in msysGit

Henrik Nyh came up with an alternative logo/favicon to use with gitweb:

This alternative logo/favicon is used as icon for git-gui (git commit tool in Tcl/Tk). Git-gui-32x32.png Git-gui-16x16.png git-gui icon

ICO, 32x32 + 16x16, four colors.
This favicon is taken from git-gui.git repository at

Michael J Gruber gitlogo.png Michael J Gruber gitlogo2.png

Yet another alternate Git logo from Michael J Gruber in Re: Git Branding Overview, Re: Experimental Design post on git mailing list. The original is pure PostScript, no fonts used.


Pseudo-3d version of Git logo, similar to the one by Henrik Nyh, found accompanying Beginner’s Guide to Git blog post by Joshua Price (at March 11th, 2010) on MakeTechEasier. No attribution was provided for this image in the mentioned blog post.


`t/test4012.png` image, used in `` test

Picons Search Results for Junio C Hamano picon.

In case people do not know, this is gitster's (Junio C Hamano) picon (personal icon: see Picons FAQ) and also appears on his "Git Maintainer" business card.



"Merge made by octopus" bumper sticker from Merge Made by Octopus blog post on Evan P. Mills’ Ramblings (


A Git icon in plain SVG (636 bytes) by Jason Blevins.

Git logo and icon by Dylan Beattie

git_logo_192x106.jpg Git Logo

Fullsize PNG

Adobe Illustrator

git_icon_192x192.png Git Icon

Windows ICO Format

MacOS .icsn Format

PNG Format

Git Logo and Icon by Dylan Beattie distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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