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Miscellaneous git-related links, not including Git homepage, GitDocumentation links, GitCommunity links including mailing list archives and IRC logs, and links to miscellaneous tools on the InterfacesFrontendsAndTools page.

See also: git blog - A git blog looking to be official and its collection of git monthly links.


Wikipedia (English version)

"Using Git" pages

Articles about Git

Mailing list digests

RSS feeds


Articles and Papers

Seminars and presentations


Also see BlogPosts for a collection of blog posts on specific Git usage.

Below there are blogs by gitters:


Other version control software

List of revision control software

Software using a non-distributed approach

  • CVS — very stable and built on RCS — the most used but has many limitations.
  • Subversion (`svn`) — like CVS but without some of its limitations.
  • Perforce (`p4`) — comprehensive SCM capabilities built around a scalable client/server architecture. Free for use in open source projects.

Software using a distributed approach

  • BitKeeper (`bk`) (was used in Linux kernel development December 1999 - April 2005)
  • GNU Arch (`tla`) — the original Arch (see also AXP - Arch eXtension Platform).
  • ArX (`arx`) — started as fork of Arch, written in C++.
  • Bazaar-NG (`bzr`) — written in Python. Fast, supports symlinks and merge-through-renames. Decentralised and easy to use. Can losslessly import Arch, Hg, SVN archives.
  • Monotone — full-decentralized in a P2P way.
  • Mercurial (`hg`) — written in Python. Extremely fast, lightweight, portable, and easy to use.
  • Codeville written in Python — Uses an innovative merging algorithm.
  • Darcs is a decentralized and free revision control system written in the Haskell language can keep track of inter-patch dependencies using a "theory of patches" with roots in quantum mechanics.
  • SVK is written in Perl — built on top of Subversion to allow distributed commits.

Other approaches

  • Quilt is a set of scripts to manage a series of patches by keeping track of the changes each patch makes. StGIT and pg are Git version control interface layers provides a Quilt-like patch management functionality in the Git environment.

Git comparison with other SCMs

Only those including Git as one of the systems.

SCMs comparison not including Git

Generic version control info

There is place for generic, non SCM specific, links

See also bzr for packaging thread at ubuntu mailing list.

Other links

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