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Git Documentation

Documentation on this Wiki

All documentation residing on this wiki is put in the

User contributed Documentation

See also vcs-pkg project, aim of which is to investigate the use of version control for distro package maintenance.


Here are some published resources about Git.

Man pages

Each git command is documented in its own man page. If the man pages are installed on your local system running:

$ man git-log

will give you the man page for the git log command.

Alternatively you can use (especially on systems where there is no man command):

$ git help log

if both git and the git man pages are installed on your system.

git(7) serves as an overview of git commands and man pages.

Online versions of the Git man pages corresponding to the latest development version can be found at:

There also exists a handful of technical documents that describes lowlevel details on how different parts of git operates. These are mostly useful for developers. You can find them in the Documentation/technical directory in the git source tree.

Git's Documentation To-Do list

If you wish that something were documented better (or at all), or would like to contribute to Git's documentation, you should check the Documentation_To-Do_List to see whether your wish has already been mentioned, or to find something to write about.

Non-english Language Documentation








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