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Mailing List

The best place to talk about Git, get questions answered, or report bugs is usually the mailing list. You don't even need to be subscribed to post, just send an email to:


You can find more official information about the mailing list here:

The list volume is around 100 posts per day, to subscribe send an email to:


With an empty subject line and the words "subscribe git" in the message body.

There's also a users mailing list where the list volume is much lower. For some users this might be more comfortable.

Mailing List Archives

There are several sites that archive all of the mailing list traffic so that you can search for discussions that have happened in the past:

You can read (selected) threads using RSS feeds


For quick questions or just to hang out with fellow git enthusiasts, join the #git or #git-devel channels on

Submitting Patches


These are events when git developers and users physically meet in the same place. See the GitTogether page for more information.


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