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GitBot is the bot used in the #git IRC channel on freenode. It's source is also kept in Git and can be found on GitHub.

GitBot is maintained by Pieter de Bie. You can email Pieter at Questions can also be directed to 'Pieter' on freenode.


GitBot allows you to scan Git repositories for objects mentioned in an IRC channel. This is useful for referring to a specific commit or file, which can then be viewed online using the link GitBot provides. Currently, only Gitweb and local repositories are supported. As soon as GitHub has a suitable API, support for GitHub will also be added.


GitBot works by through a list of provided Git repositories. It can scan this list every time an object is mentioned.

GitBot can be invoked implicitly by supplying a sha1 of an object, at least 7 characters long. If GitBot finds such a phrase, it tries to look up the object on all the supplied Git repositories. If it find one, it creates a tinyurl and returns this in the IRC channel:

23:57 < Pieter> Hey, look how interesting 65c35b2256ecbfaebcf04559fe6070807646afff is!
23:57 < Gitbot> [git 65c35b225]: -- t7001: fix "git mv" test

GitBot can also be invoked explicitly. The syntax is the following:

    <[Repo] Ref[:Path]>

Where Repo and Ref are optional. This means that you can refer to the `master` branch by using <master> in the IRC channel:

23:55 < Pieter> <master>
23:55 < Gitbot> [git master]: -- Make File::Spec and File::Temp 
                requirement lazy

Similarly, <HEAD:Documentation/githooks.txt> will supply a link to the newest githooks.txt file.

Using the Repo part, you can specify which repository to look in. For example, you can look up the `README` of Egit:

00:04 < Pieter> <HEAD:README>
00:04 < Gitbot> [git README]: [blob]
00:04 < Pieter> <egit HEAD:README>
00:04 < Gitbot> [egit README]: [blob]

You can also use URL-like strings to specify repositories that are not in the supplied repository list, for example:

23:41 < Pieter> <repo:glibc.git HEAD:README>
23:41 < Gitbot> [glibc README]: [blob]

will look up the README on the main branch in the `glibc.git` repository on [1]

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