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Git can be used alongside other version control tools to use Git's features while needing to work with the other tool.

Typical workflows:

  • Check out foreign repository, import into local Git repository, use git-branch to work on topic branches, gitk for change history, use topic branches to create patches to send upstream (if you don't have commit access), checkout/rebase foreign repository and use git-merge to rebase master from upstream and topic branches.
  • Use any of git-*import to create a read-only mirror repository that can be browsed using gitweb, gitk, and other Git tools.

Working with foreign repositories

See Using Topic Branches HOWTO and StGIT.


export GIT_DIR=`pwd`/<module>.git
cvs co <module>
cd <module>
git init-db
echo "CVS" >>$GIT_DIR/info/exclude
git add .
git commit -m "Initial import"

(more on using StGIT when I return to keyboard..., if I remember ;-)

Setting up imported mirror repositories

See InterfacesFrontendsAndTools for import scripts. (temporary location, link to this page instead) contains example images of a multi-repository tree (SVG, PNG) imported from several repositories, now including (Linus' kernel and stable branches in Git) and Red Hat Enterprise (kernels in RPM via FTP).

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