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Old Egit Page

Please note that this page is kept for historic purposes. For current information about EGit, please see the new homepage at http://www.eclipse.org/egit/

Java GIT/Eclipse GIT (by Shawn Pearce) is a Java GIT library and plugin for Eclipse IDE. Students have a good opportunity to type term papers online and get help.

The old Eclipse update site for the plugin is (Incubation) http://www.jgit.org/updates

Roadmap of features: EclipsePluginWishlist


2009-09-16 JGit got the approval of the Eclipse board to be hosted at eclipse.org under EDL license. Hence JGit will also get moved to Eclipse. Find the EGit mailing list at Eclipse.

2009-05-07 EGit is now an official Eclipse Technology Project. Some time will pass before the project actually gets moved to Eclipse premises.

2008-08 Marek Zawirski implemented push. An experimental update site can be found on http://www.jgit.org and an issue tracker on http://code.google.com/p/egit. Both sites are subject to change so if nothing happens on those sites or they disappear, go back here and look for clues. Meanwhile, feedback is welcome through the Git mailing list.

2008-07 Lots of stuff changed, but not yet in a complete enough stage to deserve a version number of its own. My guess is that this will happen in August. Meanwhile please try the master branch. It can clone from Eclipse, the commandline client can fetch and push. (see the inconsistency here?, hence no new version). Changes in the repository from the command line can be picked up quickly by Eclipse and you can change the baseline for QuickDiff.

LICENSE CHANGE: The most interesting change for some people may be the license change. The Eclipse specific parts are licensed under the EPL, while the generic JGit plumbing is under a three clause BSD license, which makes it possible to use and distribute with almost any other software.

A copy of the 0.3.1 announcement can be found at http://marc.info/?l=git&m=120441907913477&w=2

Some ways to keep informed about Egit development.



  • Compare revisions
  • Quick diff
  • Branch, state and StGIT patch decoration
  • File Status decoration (aggregate status decoration at folder and project level)
  • Commit, including amending commits
  • Graphical history visualization with filtering on selected resources and search capability
  • Checkout and reset
  • Cross platform



  • Q: How do you tie the plugin to a project or create a project by cloning a repository?
    • A: EGit provides an Import Wizard. From File->Import, select Git/'Git Repository'. This will allow you to clone the repository within Eclipse. There are more details in the Git plugin for Eclipse (EGit) guide on GitHub.
    • - A: or Use Git (THE Git) to create or clone your repo. Select the project in the navigator and go to the context menu's Team item and below it you will find "Share Project". Select it and the rest is self explanatory.
  • Q: How do I build and install the plugin?
    • A: See the README and INSTALL documents in the egit repository.
 - A: or see a blog entry describing building and installing the EGit plugin
  • Q: Is there an update site so I can easily install the plugin (without building it)?
  • Q: Is the project active?
    • A: Depends on what is meant by active. Admitted the progress is slow, mostly because there are very few people involved so far, but the project is certainly not dead (as of February 2008).
  • Q: Will there be support for Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede anytime soon?
    • A: Eclipse 3.4 is already supported.

Historic notes

This page was the old wiki hosted at git.or.cz. Both EGit and JGit have moved to Eclipse.org; the sources can be found at http://wiki.eclipse.org/EGit/Contributor_Guide

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