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Msys comes with an Rxvt (a terminal window which is resizable, has a scrollback that you can trigger by Shift+!PageUp, and text is easily selectable and pastable) which you can start by clicking on msys-rxvt.bat in the bin/ folder. However, with Rxvt, these issues are most apparent:

  • pushing via ssh is not working right now, it seems,
  • the pager is not called correctly (it is not connected to a tty),
  • stderr does not seem to be shown,
  • when vi is called as the editor for the commit messages, it does not get any input,
  • etc.

So while Rxvt is arguably nicer than cmd, it is not recommended at this time to use it.

The good news is that you can fetch via git:// protocol, and using msys.bat -- which uses the default Windows command line window -- you can use the ssh protocol.

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