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If you need help, there are several ways:

  • The msysGit mailing list. This is the recommended place for questions about Git for Windows (i.e. Windows-specific questions).
  • The Git mailing list for Git questions in general (i.e. not Windows-specific questions).
  • The Git IRC channel #git on freenode
  • Google. No, really, you can type some appropriate keywords into Google (such as an error message) and more often than not, you get the answer without embarrassing yourself by having to ask publically ;-)
  • The issue tracker

Do not ask your questions in a blog that might, or might not, be found by someone who knows the answer. That should go without saying, but there are still people who think that it is a wonderful idea to leave questions at a location guaranteed not to be frequented by people who know the answers.

Oh, and certainly do not post questions as comments to the Wiki. Post comments about the content of a certain Wiki pages, that is fine. Suggestions how to enhance the contents are especially welcome. But no questions about Git or requests for assistance, please.

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