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GitTogether '09

October 26(Mon)-28(Wed) in 1098 Alta Ave, Mountain View, California (day after the Google SoC Mentor Summit).

Signup deadline is Oct 14th. Google needs a final guest list by then to prepare badges, sign in lists for reception, and a final head-count to plan for food.

Any questions, please contact Shawn Pearce ( ).


  1. Shawn O. Pearce
  2. Sverre Rabbelier
  3. Scott Chacon
  4. Tom Preston-Werner
  5. David Brown
  6. Steve Bourne
  7. Eric Raible
42. Sam Vilain
  1. Brandon Casey
  2. Jeff King
  3. Nick Edelen
  4. Wink Saville
  5. John 'Warthog9' Hawley (probably only attending one or two days)
  6. Don Marti
  7. Cédric Beust
  8. Jay Soffian (probably only attending two days)
  9. Brad Larson

Google has us capped at ~25 attendees.

Please join the GitTogether mailing list. We promise to keep the traffic low and only about this event. Useful information for attendees will be sent to this list as we get closer to the GitTogether.

Approximate Agenda


Please try to time your arrival to the 9:00-9:30 am window each day. Googlers will be on hand to help you sign in and find the meeting room. After 9:30 sign-in will get a little bit more interesting as you may need to work with main reception.

Breakfast and lunch each day will be catered by Google.


  • Dinner on Monday will be sponsored by GitHub and take place at Cascal Restaurant (400 Castro St in Mtn. View) at 7:00pm.
  • Dinner on Tuesday will be at your own expense at Kapp's Pizza Bar & Grill (191 Castro St in Mtn. View) at 6:30pm.
  • Dinner on Wednesday is not pre-arranged.



Suggested Topics

Please propose and vote on topics through the GitTogether '09 moderator series. If you propose a topic, please also add it the table below.

Status Speaker Kind of session Title Talk Length
proposed Shawn Pearce Demo, describe challenges, seek feedback Gerrit Code Review 60 min
proposed Sverre Rabbelier Demo, integration discussion, seek feedback Hg-git and hg fast-export 15? min
proposed Scott Chacon Demo and feedback Agitmemnon : Cassandra backed Git Daemon 15 min
proposed Shawn Pearce Demo, challenges, future directions gimd (Git Message Database) 30 min
proposed Jeff King Flamefest discussion Bug-tracking in git.git 30 min
proposed David Brown User story Git/Gerrit corporately, part 2 30 min
proposed Sam Vilain Progress/design session Automatic git-daemon mirroring 30 min
proposed Sam Vilain GSoC update Report on revision caching GSoC 30 min
proposed Shawn Pearce Update Smart HTTP protocol support 30 min


Its up to you to get to Google each day. You may want to try and carpool with other attendees staying at nearby hotels.

When mapping driving directions you want to use 1098 Alta Ave, Mountain View, California as the building street address.

The meeting space, Eagle Passage Tech Talk, is on the first floor just inside of the lobby of the 1098 Alta Ave building.

Parking: Any parking that is not otherwise reserved for the disabled, expectant mothers, etc., is fair game. Help yourself.

Sign In: You will need to sign in at reception each day. You will be asked by our system to execute an NDA, which covers anything you may learn about Google during the course of your visit, not the content of the GitTogether. If you feel strongly about not executing the NDA, you can go right ahead and decline it during sign in. You won't be that close to employee areas, so I don't care if you sign it or not.

Photos: Nope. Outside only. Be good.

Recording: Audio only, no video. Be good. Since this is a standard Google tech talk room, we may be able to take advantage of the video recording capabilities to record a specific talk or two and post them on YouTube after the event.


Google will be serving breakfast and lunch each day, in addition to coffee and beverages during the event. We will arrange for dinner off-campus, at our own expense.

Plenty of table space and power outlets will be available in the meeting room. Folks outside the US may need to bring an outlet adapter/voltage converter. Please make sure to bring your laptop power supply. Unlike most Google conference rooms our meeting space does not come with built-in laptop power connectors. Even Googlers need to bring their own power supply.

Google has free wireless Internet access available everywhere on the campus ("GoogleGuest"). 802.11 wireless support is required to connect to the Internet. Hardwired LAN connections are not available in our meeting space. If you think you'll want to get online during the sessions please test your wireless to make sure it is working before you travel.

Travel Details

Google provides some information about discounted lodging, visiting and parking.

Public transit is available in the area, look at Google Transit to help you plan a route.

If you would prefer to spend less than you would on taxi service but would prefer to be picked up at the airport rather than navigate public transport, try Super Shuttle. Shared rides (with a van full of other travelers) start at about 35 USD from any of the area airports.

Nearby airports are, in increasing distance from Google:

  • SJC - San Jose, CA
  • SFO - San Fransisco, CA
  • OAK - Oakland, CA

Nearby Activities

If you are traveling far and wish to stay some extra time there are many activities in the bay area.

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