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Gerrit Submodules Support

Below is a short description of how to use the submodule support in Gerrit.

Configure Gerrit

It is important that the gerrit.canonicalWebUrl is set to a proper value since this used to figure out if a push should be sent to the subscribing superprojects. In the example below the gerrit block looks like this:

        canonicalWebUrl = http://localhost/
        basePath = git

Create projects

You need to create subprojects and a super project:

$ ssh user@gerrit -p 29418 gerrit create-project --name super --empty-commit
$ ssh user@gerrit -p 29418 gerrit create-project --name a --empty-commit
$ ssh user@gerrit -p 29418 gerrit create-project --name b --empty-commit

Connect projects

Add the subprojects to the super project:

$ git submodule add ssh://localhost/a ./a
$ git submodule add ssh://localhost/b ./b

edit the .gitmodules file

add revision=.:

[submodule "a"]
	path = a
	url = ssh://localhost/a
	revision = .

[submodule "b"]
	path = b
	url = ssh://localhost/b
	revision = .

Push to server

Add, commit and push the .gitmodules file:

$ git commit add .gitmodules<br>
$ git push ssh://localhost/super HEAD:refs/heads/master

Test that it works.

Now the basic setup is done. To test that everything is working:

$ mkdir user1
$ cd user1
$ git clone ssh://localhost/super
$ cd super
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

do the same for a user2:

$ cd ../..
$mkdir user2
$ cd user2
$ git clone ssh://localhost/super
$ cd super
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Create a commit

Create a commit in a submodule:

$ cd a
$ touch hello
$ git add hello
$ git commit -m "hello"
$ git push ssh://localhost/a HEAD:refs/heads/master

move into the user1 directory again and pull the superproject:

cd ../../user1
git pull
git submodule update
ls a

make sure that the hello file is in the output.

Notes on possible "buildbot" verification implementation

  1. Poll for changes going into the super project
  2. Check approval status of all changes in the super project (ask, "can i verify this?")
  3. Pulling into the super project we'll get a merge commit (possibly)
  4. Verify that tree
  5. Upon success:
    1. Upload the superproject merge commit
    2. Set verified and merge all submodule changes and all superproject changes in a single 'review' command
      • ssh -p 29418 gerrit review --verified=+1 --submit sub1-commit-id,sub2-commit-id,super-commit-id
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